The Cowles Center Teaching Artist Roster

Cowles Center Teaching Artists are professional dancers, choreographers, and experienced educators who use innovative approaches to bring dance into classrooms through our Arts in Education programs.

Qualities of a Cowles Center Teaching Artist:

COMMUNICATIVE: able to communicate clearly and efficiently with Cowles Center Education & Community Engagement staff and collaborating classroom teachers

COLLABORATIVE: open-minded to different ways of teaching, willing to share goals and responsibilities, desire to engage classroom teachers in conversation

ADAPTIVE: able and willing to adjust their teaching style and lesson plan to suit the needs of the student's, classroom teacher, and the circumstances of the workshop/residency

PROFESSIONAL: expertise in their field of dance studies and ability to educate participants appropriately to students’ knowledge and skill level

The Cowles Center Arts in Education programs serve thousands of students of diverse ages and backgrounds each year through workshops, residencies, student matinee performances, and school partnership programs.

Arts in Education Programs Aim To:

  • Spark curiosity about dance

  • Engage new ways of learning

  • Empower creativity

  • Increase body & spatial awareness

  • Connect dance to classroom curriculum

  • Impact teacher practices

Students/Communities Served: 66,353 K-12 students in 65 MN communities have been served through education programming at The Cowles Center since inception in 2004.

Scott Stafford

Cowles Center Teaching Artist: 2018-Present

Susana di Palma

Cowles Center Teaching Artist: 2004-Present