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Joanie Smith

Q&A with Joanie Smith

Artistic Director of Shapiro & Smith Dance Joanie Smith's first dance role was as Batman in high school. Find out more about Joanie in this Q&A!

Susana di Palma

Q&A with Susana di Palma

Susana di Palma, Artistic Director of Zorongo Flamenco Dance Theatre, has watched The Cowles Center unfold from its earliest days. Read more of her memories in this Q&A.

Suzanne Costello and Stuart Pimsler

Q&A with Stuart Pimsler and Suzanne Costello

Co-Artistic Directors of Stuart Pimsler Dance & Theater, Stuart Pimsler and Suzanne Costello, share warm memories of Sage Cowles as they gear up for the 2017-18 Performance Season.

Herb Johnson III and Jason Noer

Q&A with Herb Johnson III and Jason (J-Sun) Noer

The creative team behind Mixtape Side B, Herb Johnson III and Jason Noer, reveal the moments that motivated them to start dancing.

Sally Rousse

Q&A with Sally Rousse

The Cowles Center's 2017-18 Artist-in-Residence Sally Rousse is creating an all-new work that takes place in various locations throughout The Cowles Center. In this Q&A, she shares what she's excited for in the coming year.