Q&A with Zoè Emilie Henrot

Zoè Emilie Henrot

Q: How did you start dancing?
A: I started dancing at my Montessori School when I was three years old. Both of my parents worked, so I stayed for the after school program, which included dance class. I fell in love right away. By the age of six my parents enrolled me into Boulder Ballet School's pre-professional program and I haven't stopped dancing since. 

Q: What’s your favorite memory of The Cowles Center?
A: My favorite memory of The Cowles Center is the very first time I came to take class. I had just moved to the Twin Cities and was living around the Northeast Minneapolis area. I rode my bike into downtown and immediately felt at home stepping into the Cowles seeing the schedule of countless dance classes in the elevator.

Q: What show are you excited to see at The Cowles Center this season?
A: I am very excited about seeing Nutcracker (not so) Suite because I didn't have the opportunity to see it last year!

St. Paul Ballet’s ‘Fifth Anniversary Best’ runs March 9-10. For more information and tickets, click here.

(Photo by Caroline Yang)