Q&A with Susana di Palma

Susana di Palma

Q: How did you start dancing?
A: I began dancing when I was five. I was a hyperactive child and my mother thought that would channel my energy so she put me in ballet class. Of course, I was dancing and performing for attention before that!

Q: What’s your favorite memory of The Cowles Center?
A: I remember the day the site was first inaugurated with Sage and John Cowles, shovels in hand, making the dig into the foundation. As part of the Distance Learning staff, we would visit the site in progress wearing hard hats. It was an adventure to watch it all come together. Secondly, the Opening Night party and dinner and procession to the theater for the premiere performance. Sage, John, Kathie and Bob Goodale and everyone glamorously dressed. Larry Yazzie opened with an appropriate blessing and fun was had by all. Lots of good wine and treats!

Q: What show are you excited to see at The Cowles Center this season?
A: I am excited about all the shows in the 2017-18 season.  The opening with superstar Alarmél Valli is a once in a lifetime chance to see her. It will also be fun to see what Sally Rousse comes up with for her show in June.

Zorongo Flamenco Dance Theatre's 'Garden of Names' runs April 6-15. For more information and tickets, click here.