Q&A with Marciano Silva dos Santos

Marciano Silva dos Santos

Q: How did you start dancing?
A: I started dancing after I played the moon character in Federico Garcia Lorca’s tragic play Blood Wedding. My performance caught the eye of one of the choreographer present. He told me I should be a dancer. Here I am in the dancing journey.    

Q: What’s your favorite memory of The Cowles Center?
A: The great memory that I have in mind of The Cowles Center was my debut production with live music Batuque that told the rise of the samba in Brazil.

Q: What show are you excited to see at The Cowles Center this season?
A: I am very excited to see the variety of the dance companies shows for this upcoming season.

Contempo Physical Dance’s ‘Vulcão’ runs February 16-17. For more information and tickets, click here.