Q&A with Karen L. Charles

Karen L. Charles

Q: How did you start dancing?
A: I started dancing in my family den daily at the age of 3 after seeing Swan Lake on TV. Then I saw a black girl do a pointe solo at the high school where my mother taught when I was 4 and was hooked for life. I finally started taking dance lessons at the age of 6 from a small local studio that filled me with the love of all things dance.

Q: What’s your favorite memory of The Cowles Center?
A: My favorite memory of The Cowles Center was the gala opening.  The atmosphere was festive and the dance performances that night were unforgettable.  Clifton Brown performed a solo that was mesmerizing.  I was really proud to be part of the dance community during that celebration.

Q: What show are you excited to see at The Cowles Center this season?
A: I typically attend so many shows that it is difficult for me to choose.  I am especially excited to see the Cowles season filled with both a mix of seasoned favorites as well as newer offerings.  I am most excited though to see Ragamala and Mixtape.  Ragamala because it has been a few years since I have been able to see their performance, and Mixtape because it is new and hip.

The Karen L. Charles Threads Dance Project's 'Uncertain Reality' runs November 3-4. More information and tickets available here.