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Q&A with Aparna Ramaswamy

Ragamala Dance Company co-artistic director, Aparna Ramaswamy, talks about meeting Alarmél Valli and what she's looking forward to this season at The Cowles Center. 

Brenna Brelie and Kaleena Miller of the Twin Cities Tap Festival

Q&A with Brenna Brelie and Kaleena Miller

Twin Cities Tap Festival organizers Brenna Brelie and Kaleena Miller share dance memories and dish about what they're excited to see this season.

Lise Houlton

Q&A with Lise Houlton

Minnesota Dance Theatre's Artistic Director Lise Houlton shares her early memories of dancing with her mother, MDT's founder Loyce Houlton.

Karen L. Charles

Q&A with Karen L. Charles

Artistic Director of Threads Dance Project, Karen L. Charles, remembers The Cowles Center's opening and recalls her early dance inspirations.

Q&A with Linda Z. Andrews

Zenon Dance Company's Linda Z. Andrews gears up for the company's 35th anniversary and says she's excited to see Mixtape Side B and Zorongo Flamenco's Garden of Names in the coming year.

Myron Johnson (1980)

Q&A with Myron Johnson

Myron Johnson, the creator of the holiday classic Nutcracker (not so) Suite, talks about his first audition at age seven and his memory of Sage Cowles during The Cowles Center's grand opening.

Marciano Silva dos Santos

Q&A with Marciano Silva dos Santos

Contempo Physical Dance's Marciano Silva dos Santos tells stories of his home country of Brazil through dance. In this Q&A he talks about getting his start in dance after performing in a Lorca play.

Denise and Rick Vogt

Q&A with Denise and Rick Vogt

Denise and Rick Vogt, the husband and wife duo that runs Twin Cities Ballet of Minnesota, talk about their decades of memories of The Cowles Center and their picks in the 2017-18 Season.

Zoè Emilie Henrot

Q&A with Zoè Emilie Henrot

Zoè Emilie Henrot, Artistic Director of St. Paul Ballet, talks about moving to Minneapolis and finding a home at The Cowles Center.

Q&A with Giselle Mejia

Dario and Giselle Mejia - the brother-sister duo that runs Curio Dance - have been dancing and making dance together since they were small children. As a Cowles Teaching Artist, Giselle shares some of her favorite memories of working in The Cowles Center's Education programs.