Erinn Liebhard

Erinn Liebhard (MFA University of Colorado Boulder, BFA University of Minnesota) is a dance artist making opportunities for people to experience the connective and reflective power of groove. Having grown up dancing socially at her dad’s rock band’s gigs, she discovered at a young age how exhilarating it can be to feel and share groove. Guided by this inspiration and a fondness for jazz and the American vernacular, she teaches as faculty at Winona State University and Zenon Dance School in addition to her work as a Cowles Center Teaching Artist. She also creates her own choreographic work, and supports and presents new work by others in jazz and American vernacular dance through Rhythmically Speaking, the organization she co-founded and artistic directs. Erinn has performed for groove-driven creatives as varied as hip-hop dance theater artist Rennie Harris and the Wild Goose Chase Cloggers Appalachian clogging company, and is currently a member of Afro-Brazilian contemporary company Contempo Physical Dance. She also flexes her physical comedy muscles playing self-created character entertainer “Nerdette” for Saint Paul Saints Baseball’s Entertainment Team. Erinn is grateful her work helps people feel the groove in their experiences, connecting to history, themselves and one another through embodying music.