Gaga / Don't You Feel It Too?

As part of Artist in Residence Sally Rousse's upcoming "ICON SAM: Temple Dances" June production, Sally is partnering with Don't You Feel It Too? for three free movement sessions. The first part, led by certified Gaga teacher Berit Ahlgren, brings bodies of all backgrounds and experiences to tune into simple images, warming up the mind and flesh. After a discussion break, we tune into our own portable music and dance for ourselves, for the common good. Then a final discussion. Warm up your heart and soul and move amongst your community!

In order to participate in Don't You Feel It Too? please bring earbuds and your favorite pocket music. Extra earbuds will be provided if you do not have any. No previous dance experience needed.

All sessions will take place in The Cowles Center lobby/entrance.

Sally Rousse is Artist In Residence of the Cowles Center for Dance and the Performing Arts.

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Don't You Feel It Too? is the simple and beautiful act of dancing your inner nature in public places. It's a mind-body practice and behavioral art form for social healing and personal liberation, in ongoing development since 2008.

About Don't You Feel It Too?

Certified Gaga instructor Berit Ahlgren is a graduate of St. Olaf and NYU and retains close ties with TU Dance & School where she was a charter member of the company for 6 years. 

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