Interactive learning experiences tailored to your students.

Our workshops can bring a new dance form right into your classroom or integrate directly into your curriculum. Workshops are available year-round and can take place at your location, in The Cowles Center’s studios, or through distance learning technology. Each workshop is a 60-minute session designed for up to 30 students and taught by a Cowles Center Teaching Artist. 




  • Afro-Modern
  • American Social Dance
  • Ballet
  • Black Dance Evolution
  • Breaking
  • Caribbean Dances
  • Contact Improvisation
  • Creative Movement
  • Dance-Theater
  • Flamenco
  • Folkloric Haitian Dances
  • Interdisciplinary Dance
  • Israeli Dance
  • Jazz
  • Latin Social Dance
  • Mexican Hat Dance
  • Modern
  • Musical Theater
  • Percussive
  • Poetry & Motion
  • Soul Dance
  • Voguing


 Results in higher retention 
 Provides opportunities for self-assessment and problem-solving 
 Builds confidence, teamwork, respect, and cultural awareness


1 group session- $150
One 60 minute workshop in one style of dance designed for up to 30 students

2 group sessions - $300
Two 45 minute workshops in two styles of dance designed for 30-60 students that culminates in an informal sharing

3 group sessions - $450
Three 60 minute workshops in three styles of dance designed for 60-90 student

Packages can be tailor-made depending on school needs. Purchase multiple sessions packages to be used over several days. Call for special pricing.


1 Session | $150

2 Sessions | $300

3 Sessions | $450

5 Sessions | $750

10 Sessions | $1,500

This Modern dance class will engage students in a movement style heavily influenced by a reverence and respect for the traditional and cultural dance forms of the African diaspora.  Students will focus on rhythmic and polyrhythmic movement exploring different accents and dynamics while maintaining a strong and grounded center. The infectious grooves and positive, fun learning environment of this class will leave you feeling uplifted in body, mind, and spirit. 

American Social Dance
Take a trip through American History, from jazz to soul, from funk to hip hop in this engaging and fun lesson. Students will learn the basic steps of dances from several eras in American history as well as connect these dances to specific locations, movements, and events. 

This Introduction to Ballet workshop allows students to get a short lesson and history of Classical Ballet. Students will learn basic ballet movements and they will also learn about telling a story through movement and classical music. 

Black Dance Evolution
What can the dances of a group of people tell you about them? How are the dances of a cultural group influenced by geographical changes and by the passage of time? Through the lens of their body percussion and other unique expressions of rhythm and song, students will discover a powerful cultural and historical bridge between Africa and the US. The adventure proceeds from the Lowcountry to the Northeastern US. Students will learn and celebrate with Soul Dance, a close forerunner of the original hip-hop that sprang out of NYC, where the dance voyage concludes.

This class provides experience and insight into the culture of Breaking, (Breakdancing) through demonstration and participation of the 5 basic elements of the dance: Toprock, Go-Downs, Footwork, Power moves, and Freezes. In addition to learning these elements, the students will understand how to engage with the rhythm of the music. Each class will learn a short combination of these movements and will be given the opportunity to showcase their own creativity and expression with a “cypher” circle at the conclusion of the class. 

Caribbean Dances
This class is a student introduction to exploring “Carnival” one of the Caribbean islands' most common dance. This class explores the tradition and cultural heritage of the Caribbean people through dance and music. Students will have fun exploring dressing in masquerade, music, and dancing, the three central elements to Carnival celebrations.

Contact Improvisation
This explores physics and chemistry through physical motion and the body. Combines elements of creativity, exploration, sensation while embracing all body shapes and abilities. Students will explore partnering skills. Best suited to high school students and young adults capable of conscious consent. 

Creative Movement
Creative movement is a student’s first introduction to exploring the body as an instrument. In this fun and engaging class, students will use the BASTE dance elements (Body, Action, Space, Time and Energy) to creatively problem-solve physical tasks and use their bodies in motion as a tool of meaningful self-expression. 

Dance-Theater explores the colorful world of expressive performance. In this class, we will utilize elements of voice and movement together. Students will be guided through partnering games, prompts, and improvisation tasks which encourage three-dimensional embodiment of material. Students will gain skills in individual and group artistic expression.

Embark on a journey through the culture, dance, and music of Spain. Students will have the opportunity to learn basic Flamenco steps, find a common rhythm, and build on it with percussive footwork and hand-clapping sequences to a total body involvement combination. This workshop is best for middle/high school students and can be taught in English and Spanish.

Folkloric Haitian Dances
In this class, students will learn different aspects of the Haitian cultural heritage. They will be exposed to Haitian languages (French and Creole), games, folktales, dances, music, songs, and the manipulation of different instruments and props. Students will discover the beauty of Haitian Folkloric dances through a lively torso, creative and energetic movement with a profound connection with music.

Interdisciplinary Dance 
The integration of dance with another art form bringing dance to life through visual art and music. Students will be encouraged to push the boundaries of what each art form is defined as and will dive into how one can become and transform into the other. Art and music teachers are highly encouraged to book this workshop for their students. This is a great workshop for students that crave to be highly challenged creatively and culturally. 

Israeli Dance
Circle and line dances promoting togetherness and community. Dances range from beginner to advanced and incorporate footwork, rhythm, and musicality. Students will dive into Israeli culture and history in this exciting and joyful workshop.

Through exploring simple, grooving rhythmic movements and using them to interact with one another and improvise, students get to experience the relationship between jazz dance, music, and history. Learn how jazz was born from a combination of African and European movement styles to create a uniquely American approach to dance.

Latin Social Dance
This active, adventurous class will introduce students to the basic steps of a wide variety of social dances originating in Latin America and the Caribbean. Possible dances include Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Cumbia, Mambo, Rumba, and Compas/Zouk. Trace the roots of these dances back to their origin and discover where and how they are danced today. For students studying the Spanish language, our bilingual Teaching Artists will be happy to teach in Spanish to provide an immersive linguistic and cultural experience.

Mexican Hat Dance
The Mexican Hat Dance is a fun and easy way to learn about the culture and history of Mexico. Through a short lecture on the origins of the Mexican Hat Dance and a lesson on the basic movements, this class provides a great introduction to the rich history of Mexico. Students will learn the entirety of the Mexican Hat Dance while working on musicality.

This class will use movement exercises and dance phrases designed to increase knowledge and technique in Modern Dance.  We will start with warm-up exercises to stretch, strengthen and align the body in preparation for safe and full-bodied movement. Students will perform movement phrases to improve kinesthetic awareness and coordination, as well as, combinations are done in the center and across the floor designed to enhance musicality and individual expression. 

Musical Theater
Focusing on rhythm, musicality, and storytelling, this Musical Theater Jazz dance class starts with a jazz warm-up and then takes off into an exciting tour of musical theater history. Tailor-made for each group, this class introduces choreography from multiple popular musicals both old and new. The dance combinations will be inspired by the original Broadway choreography as well as catered to the dance level experience in your classroom. By the end of the class, students will have learned a short combination that can be shared with family or a small audience if applicable. 

Percussive Dance
Do you enjoy expressing yourself through dance? Have you ever tried to use your body as an instrument of rhythm? Percussive dance combines drumming and dance in a welcoming environment catered to beginning and advanced movers alike. This class is about grooving along with our own internal rhythms in order to make music as a group. Explore the synthesis of global cultures in percussive dance in a fun, supportive atmosphere. 

Poetry & Motion
What images cross your mind when you read or listen to poetry?  If you had to describe a poem to others without speaking, what would it look like? During this learning experience, students will explore how movement can be used to interpret poems they have discussed.   Enjoy the fun of “speaking without words” with Teaching Artist Karla Nweje in an encouraging atmosphere. 

Soul Dance
Experience freedom of expression through the animated dances of the Soul era. Enhanced by a backdrop of authentic Soul and Funk music, students will explore the fundamentals of these fun, energetic moves as they learn about the creative icons and the rich cultural dynamics of this time in American history. The workshop culminates in a festive Soul Train Line, where students can showcase the moves they learned.

We will explore elements of New Way, Old Way, Runway and Vogue Fem performance – with an emphasis on understanding cultural and historical roots in the ballroom scene, the evolution of the form, and the significance of community-based movement practices.