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Garden of Names
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Adult - $30
Goodale Theater

The Sunday (4/15) performance of Garden of Names will go on as scheduled. If you are unable to attend the show due to the weather or if you had tickets to Saturday's canceled performance, you can call the box office at (612) 206-3600 or email boxoffice@thecowlescenter.org for more information.

Susana di Palma’s Garden of Names, an original flamenco dance/theater work, inspired by Lawrence Thornton’s novel Imagining Argentina, is a triumphant acclamation of the imagination’s power to fight injustice. From stories of “disappeareds” (desaparecidos) during the 1970s, when people disappeared to be tortured and killed in a reign of government terror, names blossom forth amid the lush “garden” of remembering. This production features an exciting collaborative cast of internationally renowned flamenco dancers, singers, and musicians, along with Joe Chvala’s Flying Foot Forum. 

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*Please note: This production is based on historical actions and events that include abuse and sexual violence, some of which are depicted in 'Garden of Names.' 

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About Zorongo Flamenco Dance Theatre
The mission of Zorongo Flamenco Dance Theatre and School is to enrich our community by drawing people close to the beauty and energy of the flamenco tradition and, by expanding on that tradition, create an innovative art form that explores the issues of contemporary life.

Susana di Palma founded Zorongo Flamenco Dance Theatre in 1982. One of the few American Spanish dance companies that present both traditional flamenco programs as well as original theater flamenco works; the company is comprised of an ensemble of international artists, dancers, and musicians who are renowned for bringing the power, passion, and virtuosity of the art of flamenco to American audiences.

Under the Artistic Direction of Susana di Palma, these innovative flamenco ballets are powerful and provocative theater experiences. The essence of Zorongo Flamenco's work combines the passionate soul of Spain with the lively innovative spirit of America and relates to contemporary audiences in a way that few companies do. For more on Zorongo please visit www.zorongo.org

 Photo by Bill Cameron.