Zorongo Flamenco

Zorongo Flamenco Dance Theatre

$30 - $75
Ticket Prices: 
Regular - $30
2 Tickets + Sangria/Tapas - $75
Goodale Theater
2 Tickets + Sangria and Tapas for $75!!

Joined by an ensemble of guest singers and musicians, Zorongo Flamenco will premiere Susana di Palma's new work LORCA'S WOMEN.

A suite of dances will evoke the sensory symbols of feminine archetypes found in the poetry and tragedies of Spain's most beloved poet Federico Garcia Lorca.  Through sensual movement and the  percussive power of flamenco dance, song and guitar, this new work will bring Lorca's women across space and time.   Who are these women in today's world?

Make it a night out and join us for Sangria and Tapas before or after the show! 2 Tickets to the show, plus 2 glasses of Sangria and Tapas for $75. ** PLEASE NOTE: Tickets for the performance and Sangria/Tapas MUST be purchased in even numbers **

Audience Engagement discussion following the performance on Saturday, Apr. 16

Run time of the show: 70 mins with no intermission 


Apr 15
Fri @ 8:00pm
Apr 16
Sat @ 8:00pm
Apr 17
Sun @ 2:00pm

Susana di Palma founded Zorongo Flamenco Dance Theatre in 1982. One of the few American Spanish dance companies that present both traditional flamenco programs as well as original theater flamenco works; the company is comprised of an ensemble of international artists, dancers and musicians who are renowned for bringing the power, passion and virtuosity of the art of flamenco to American audiences.