Sam Kim

Trade Offs with Sam Kim

Free For All Dance Makers

A pop-up discussion group for dance makers who acknowledge the cost of dedicating one’s life to dance.

Life gets blurry with all the artistic and administrative roles we play. During this artist-to-artist discussion group, we share our ideologies and learned behaviors in the hopes of creating a supportive environment amongst peers who have developed strategies (conscious and unconscious) in order to balance the financial, emotional, physical, and creative. Together, we will acknowledge the gaps in resources, trade approaches, make sense of the seemingly senseless, offer support, discover personal philosophies, and point out various routes for navigating the dance field.

Sam Kim has been making and performing in dances since the mid ‘90s.  She attempts to understand the potential of the dance form by virtue of working through the form.  Her dances often traffic in the margins of culture and behavior, valuing the edges, while courting the danger inherent in rejecting dance’s heavy legacies.  At heart, Sam considers herself an outsider working in an outsider’s form—her choreographic practice is a means of deeply engaging in a personal game of brinkmanship.

Sam Kim’s participation is made possible by Zenon Dance Company, presenting Sam Kim's work at The Cowles Center in their 33rd Spring Season from May 6 - 15, 2016. For more information, you can find Sam Kim's bio here.


Apr 06
Wed @ 7:00pm