Trade Offs with Lela Aisha Jones


A pop-up discussion group for dance makers who acknowledge the cost of dedicating one’s life to dance.

Life gets blurry with all the artistic and administrative roles we play. During this artist-to-artist discussion group, we share our ideologies and learned behaviors in the hopes of creating a supportive environment amongst peers who have developed strategies (conscious and unconscious) in order to balance the financial, emotional, physical, and creative. Together, we will acknowledge the gaps in resources, trade approaches, make sense of the seemingly senseless, offer support, discover personal philosophies, and point out various routes for navigating the dance field.

Lela Aisha Jones is a native of Tallahassee, FL and resident of Philadelphia, PA. She is a movement performance artist that intertwines personal history, diasporic movement, and social commentary. The foundation of her work is the individual and collective lived experiences of blackness as archived in and excavated from the body through dance.  As the founder of her creative home FlyGround she directs her own artistic projects, the Dancing for Justice Philadelphia Initiative, and The Requisite Movers Program and Performances.  Lela is a 2016 Pew Fellow in the Arts and also a member of the inaugural 2015 Innovative Cultural Advocacy Fellowship program. Lela defines herself as a movement artist and a catalyst dedicated to creating transformative spaces through education, performance, artistry, restorative activism and archival practices.

Lela Aisha Jones’ participation is made possible by Brownbody and CoMotion, ( a multi-month series of collaborative events which explores issues surrounding race, culture, history and community, inciting individuals to evaluate their relationship to self and their surroundings.

Photo Credit: Aidan Un


May 17
Wed @ 7:00pm