POSTPONED- Bring it down under your feet

Penelope Freeh & Alanna Morris-Van Tassel
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All Tickets: $30

The performances of Bring it down under your feet on March 20 & 21 at 7:30 PM are postponed due to health and safety concerns surrounding the COVID-19 (Coronovirus) outbreak. We will update ticket buyers regarding the rescheduled showtime when that date has been confirmed; your ticket will be transferrable.

Please refer to the Box Office page for a full policy statement.

Penelope Freeh & Alanna Morris-Van Tassel present two riveting solos and one duet, each exploring the history of narrative. Their original duet, Bring It Down Under Your Feet, roots in the poetry of Rumi to excavate shared and respective grief, empowering radical transformation.

This program engages mature content and may not be suitable for children under the age of 16.

About the Solo Pieces

Black Light re: Search

Alanna Morris-Van Tassel is currently developing Black Light re: Search, a solo performance work-in-progress that unmasks layers of the Self through the lens of masquerade traditions of the Nagot-Yoruba people (Orisha of Nigeria) and its archive in the Caribbean nations of Trinidad, Tobago and Grenada. Black Light re: Search explores manifestations of the shadow self and the latent psyche and asks questions around the nature of the perceptivity of BLACK. Its first iteration will premiere at The Cowles Center for Dance & The Performing Arts, Minneapolis, March 19-20, 2020. Embodied research for this work is being done in 2020/2021 in Ghana, Benin, Trinidad, Grenada, and Brooklyn, New York.

Black Light re: Search begins with a pre-show ritual in The Cowles Center lobby during which the audience, guided by Black Light Collaborators (singers, poets, dancers and drummers), are invited to share an intentional space to engage in meditations, actions, and witnessing around ideas of birth/creation; death/transition; and ancestral veneration.

Part One of the project casts shadows and manifestations and asks questions about the perceptivity of Black and unmasks layers of Self and the latent psyche. Begins with an invocation that ritualizes the energy of destruction/creation and change/release, as archived in the divine feminine of the Yoruba cosmology. A world is conjured in where Performer and Witnesses begin outside of Time. As the first half continues, all parties journey further through the time continuum to a world that is confrontational in its Now-ness. Valerie Oliveiro, Lightning Designer, makes use of shadow, color and tone to illustrate the journey through deeper psychic states and into the embrace of Performer and Witness during this live production.

Part Two is a glorious celebration of dazzling light and beauty. Highlighted by the incredible costume design by Trevor Bowen and lighting design by Valerie Oliveiro.

Penelope - a cabaret
Penelope Freeh's Penelope - a cabaret reimagines Penelope of the Odyssey as a Weimar-era cabarettist by way of excavating personal mythologies. It aims to reclaim hyper-feminine physicalities of a bygone era and curate the gaze, thus controlling what is and isn’t seen. It is inspired by obsessions with pre-code film, chorus lines, corps de ballet, and the tensions between onstage and off. 

“Mythic material was originally oral, and also local – a myth would be told one way in one place and quite differently in another.”

-  Margaret Atwood: Introduction to The Penelopiad

This work features live piano accompaniment by Marya Hart and original lighting design by Valerie Oliveiro. Randy Reyes contributed project mentorship through keen theatrical intuition and intelligence.


This performance is part of MERGES IN MARCH, which expands on The Cowles Center’s MERGE program to facilitate six nights of three inter-disciplinary and ground-breaking performances. Join us to experience their collaboration in action!


Mar 20
Fri @ 7:30pm
Mar 21
Sat @ 7:30pm