MIXTAPE: Now Streaming MIXTAPE Part IV


Now Streaming MIXTAPE Part IV
$27 – $30 (FEES INCLUDED)
Ticket Prices: 
Adult – $30
Student/Senior – $27

In their fourth year, the MIXTAPE Collective continues to celebrate and deepen its connection to the Street/Hip Hop dance and musical communities of the Twin Cities. They search the intersections of individual and group narratives to intentionally work within what Minnesota Public Radio's Angela Davis calls “a complex unity.” They remain fully present with each other, honoring vulnerability as strength, and resisting a political landscape that would keep them apart. Now Streaming MIXTAPE Part IV brings the collective together in the NOW.

The MIXTAPE Collective seeks to create a platform for experienced Street/Hip Hop dance choreographers working towards the next level of their career. Their collaboration with expert lighting and musical artists provides access to unique resources for these choreographers. They deepen dance-works by having established dance-makers mentor, but not stifle, the creative visions of the next generation. Just as importantly, learning in this type of non-hierarchical space is multi-directional and acknowledges the wisdom of different perspectives.

Image Credit: Bill Cameron


May 15
Fri @ 7:30pm
May 16
Sat @ 7:30pm
May 17
Sun @ 2:00pm