Minnesota Opera

Fellow Travelers
Goodale Theater
*Cowles Extra

Minnesota Opera presents
Fellow Travelers

An opera by Gregory Spears
Libretto by Greg Pierce
Based on the 2007 novel Fellow Travelers by Thomas Mallon
Developed and Co-Commissioned by G. Sterling Zinsmeyer & Cincinnati Opera

The story of a forbidden love affair between two men in 1950s McCarthy-era Washington, D.C., Fellow Travelers is a searing opera infused with political drama, unexpected humor, and sincere heartbreak. A chance encounter between recent college graduate Timothy Laughlin and handsome State Department official Hawkins Fuller results in Tim’s first job—and his first love affair with a man. As McCarthy mounts a desperate bid for power and internal investigations focus on removing “sexual subversives” in the government, Tim and Fuller find it increasingly dangerous to navigate their double lives.

Sung in English with English captions projected above the stage.

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(Photo: The Manchurian Candidate, 2015 © Michal Daniel)


Jun 16
Sat @ 7:30pm
Jun 17
Sun @ 2:00pm
Jun 19
Tue @ 7:30pm
Jun 21
Thu @ 7:30pm
Jun 23
Sat @ 7:30pm
Jun 26
Tue @ 7:30pm