Mathew Janczewski's ARENA DANCES

The Architect | Tek Box
Ticket Prices: 
Adult - $18

Mathew Janczewski's ARENA DANCES is pleased to present The Architect, an evening lenth solo for long-time ARENA dance Timmy Wagner. It is an intimate exploration of the beginnings of a creative idea and the playful process of completing that creation. The idiosyncratic and intricate movement will be heightened with an interactive set design by fabric artist Margarita Jane Arguedas and dramaturgical support by Rachel Jendrzejewski. 

The Architect draws from the collaborative work of these specific artists, exploring real time processes and the questions that arise: "Where did this or that idea come from? How has one's own journey or interpretation revealed itself?" All of the beauty of the human mind and physicality is explored on stage in a way that is typically confined to the rehearsal room. 
Photo courtesy of Armour Photography