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The Hungry Stones
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Adults - $28
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Katha Dance Theatre will present its award-winning dance-drama entitled The Hungry Stones. Based on Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore’s short story, Khudhita Pashan (1895), KDT will reconstruct its 1994 production of The Hungry Stones with new choreography and set design using the Kathak dance of North India to bring ancient stones of a palace in colonial India to life. Set in the form of fantastic reality, the story reflects Tagore’s notion of indestructibility of our past and how ancient stones remain alive as witness to history.  

The Hungry Stones tells the tale of a newly appointed tax collector who is sent to a small town. Despite advice to the contrary, he chooses to move into a deserted palace. Legend has it that only one man ever escaped the grip of these hungry stones and he was driven mad. Will this new visitor be so lucky? The tax collector soon finds the dilapidated rooms and courtyards that appear so plain in daylight hours, begin to vibrate with the unfulfilled passions and dreams of the past as evening approaches. The stones have preserved an age of ungratified desires and as his curiosity turns to obsession, escape appears impossible.  

The dance style that will be used is known as Kathak, the Indian classical dance tradition prevalent in North India, which originated in the 17th century. Nurtured in the holy precincts of the Hindu temples, Kathakars, the community of storytellers/ dancer/actors, traveled through the country to recite and enact the stories of humanity, epics and folklore by the use of dance, rhythm, music and mime. Its journey from the temples to the royal court is fascinating. With the advent of Muslim rule, Kathak was enriched by the Muslim culture. It is a beautiful fusion of Indo-Persian cultures. The various elements, such as Hindu origin, Persian influence, the patronage of the kings and emperors, the flowering of the two main Gharanas (schools) – The Lucknow and the Jaipur, have given Kathak dance its exquisite character.

The designers include India-based Sandhya Raman (costume) and Mike Grogan (Light).  Choreographed and directed by master Kathak artist, Rita Mustaphi, the cast for this production will include some of the finest Kathak dancers in the country including: Anurag Sharma, Mukta Sathe, Sarika Haris, Nivedita Sahni, Rupa Nair, Monica Singh, modern dancer Derek Phillips and Rita Mustaphi, herself.

About Katha Dance Theatre
Katha Dance Theatre creates, performs and educates through the arts dance, music, poetry, and storytelling. Rooted in Kathak, the classical dance style of North India, Katha Dance Theatre is dedicated to making dance accessible, inclusive, and relevant. It enhances the community by bridging diverse cultures and audiences to contribute to life’s infinite artistic expressions.


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