Dance, Influences, and Archives

An open house and invitation to contribute

Andersen Library Room 219
222 21st Ave South

Minneapolis MN 55455

MN Dance and the Ecstasies of Influences wraps ups three seasons at the Cowles Center for Dance & the Performing Arts. As we prepare to hand over the final documents to the Performing Arts Archives (PAA) at the University of Minnesota Libraries, we invite you to contribute your story as well. Join us in a conversation around what has been collected, where these stories take us, and how we can fill in the gaps for the next generation of artists, researchers, and advocates.

Speakers include: Judith Brin Ingber, choreographer and writer; Kathryn Hujda, PAA assistant curator; and Michèle Steinwald, series curator.

The Performing Arts Archives was established in 1971 by the University of Minnesota Libraries for the preservation and study of the records relating to the history of theatre, music, dance, and associated organizations in Minnesota. Its goal is to document as fully as possible the activities of individuals and groups in both professional and amateur performing arts throughout the state. Dance collections include the archives Minnesota Dance Theatre, James Sewell Ballet, Ananya Dance Theatre, and Zorongo Flamenco--to name only a few. 


Aug 27
Sun @ 2:00pm