Curio Dance

Drop the Mic: The Experience
$22 - $25
Ticket Prices: 
Adults - $25
Students/Seniors - $22

Experience today’s generation acclaiming the power of love and solidarity in Drop the Mic: The Experience, a new production by Curio Dance celebrating the most influential and experimental American Rock guitarists of the late 60s.

Under the direction and choreography of Dario Mejia and Giselle Mejia, modern dance-makers weave together the newest forms of dance including contemporary, breaking, zouk, jazz-funk, acrobatics, and Cyr wheel. Performers unite with messages that surpass generations and lift us into a timeless people, free to connect through music and dance.

Spend Valentine’s weekend in a world of psychedelic grooves and ageless blues that will end in a starry night under a human disco

ball. Are You Experienced?


Feb 10
Fri @ 7:30pm
Feb 11
Sat @ 7:30pm
Feb 12
Sun @ 2:00pm