A Message From The Cowles Center

A Message To Our Community -

Dear Cowles Community,

The Cowles Center grieves the tragic murder of George Floyd with our community. We join our voices with those who demand justice and condemn the systemic and racial injustices which abetted his death. 

Through the turmoil, there is hope. We are proud of the way our community - the activists, artists, changemakers, and those who do not yet define themselves thusly - have banded together to fight against those injustices.  They do so with their fellow neighbors at heart. 

It is not lost on us that this coureagous action is taken against the backdrop of a global pandemic. COVID-19 has kept us apart for months but it has not weakend the power of community.

Our hearts remin heavy, but we look forward to when we can again gather in celebration of art and dance. It is our hope that we will do so within a more equitable world.

Be well; stay safe.

The Cowles Center. 



Take Care, Take Action, Keep Dancing


Since the murder of George Floyd in South Minneapolis, the Twin Cities has been in motion - invigorated and strengthened by peaceful protests, community action, artistic expression through murals, and communities serving their neighboorhoods. 

The Cowles Center wishes to provide:
Resources for those looking to help the Twin Cities.
Context for the uprisings, specifically related to the Twin Cities.
Literature about Black dance artists throughout dance history. 

We recognize that these lists will be incomplete and encourage all to continue seeking more. We will also be continuing to add to these lists as we come across new and helpful information. Do you have a suggestion on something which should be listed here? Let us know! Email info@thecowlescenter.org with your reccommendations. We thank you for helping us share crucial content.

Take care, take action, keep dancing - 
The Cowles Center  


Resources & Action


Context for the Unrest

Dance History