Cowles Council

The Cowles Council is a volunteer governing body that helped steer the completion of the capital phase of The Cowles Center. Today, they are engaged in the Center's operational strategies. The Cowles Council is involved in a broad range of the organization's functions including financial management, fundraising, marketing, governance, and programming. Council members represent a wide range of professional skills and community interests, including local business, philanthropy, professional dance and other performing arts, education, and other specialties. The full Cowles Council meets bimonthly. Other Council committees meet in off-months and are responsible for leadership with respect to education, finance, fundraising, governance, and marketing.

Executive Committee

Jason Stamm: Central Region President, U.S. Bank Private Wealth Management | U.S. Bank

Vice Chair
Elizabeth Brama: Shareholder | Briggs and Morgan

Shannon Powell: Partner, Audit | KPMG

Council Members

Pauline Pieper Allison: Global Business Director | 3M
Gwen Cooney: Senior Director, Senior Operations & Business Manager, Nuveen Equities & Fixed Income | Nuveen
Kirstin Currie: Senior Marketing Director | Best Buy
Teresa Daly: CEO | Navigate Forward
, Inc.
Lisa Hake: Vice President, Marketing & Communications | Great Clips
Patrick Mosher:  Community Volunteer
Irene Quarshie:  Vice President, Global Supply Chain & Logistics | Target

Breia Schleuss: Partner | Faegre Baker Daniels