Meet the Artists: Audience Engagement Series

The Cowles Center for Dance & The Performing Arts is excited to bring you our Meet the Artists: Audience Engagement Series. These discussions are the ideal opportunity to deepen your live performance experience by engaging with the artists, learning about their process and asking your questions. Meet the Artists: Audience Engagement Series discussions will take place in The Goodale Theater (unless otherwise noted) immediately following the performance and will last between 20 and 45 minutes.

The discussions will be facilitated either by one of the artists, the Artistic Director or an expert from the community and will begin with introductions to the artists and collaborators. The facilitator will then open the conversation with a leading question that gets to the heart of the research and material, reveals something about the artistic process, and serves as a jumping off point for an open dialogue with the audience. 

Meet the Artists: Audience Engagement Series 2016/17 Schedule will be announced soon!


Previous Engagements:

James Sewell Ballet
Saturday, October 24

Facilitator: James Sewell (Artistic Director)

Leading Question: Creating a new work takes collaboration and trust. Artistic Director James Sewell and Composer Steven Rydberg collaborated in the making of New Moves. What processes do think they went through to ensure a successful collaboration and create this piece?

Threads Dance Project
Friday, Nov. 6

Facilitator: Karen Charles (Artistic Director)

Leading Question: How did seeing this work inform your thoughts on what being a Warrior means?

Zenon Dance Company
Saturday, Nov. 21

Facilitator: Linda Andrews (Artistic Director)

Leading Question: How does the content of Danny Buraczeski's Ezekiel's Wheel relate to current civil rights events?

St. Paul Ballet
Friday, Feb. 12

Facilitator: Zoé Emilie Henrot (Artistic Driector)

Leading Question: Why all female choreographers? 

Aparna Ramaswamy
Friday, Feb. 19

Facilitator: Toni Pierce-Sands (TU Artistic Director)

Leading Question: What is your reaction to the interplay on stage between dancer/choreographer Aparna Ramaswamy and the musical ensemble?

Saturday, Feb. 27

Facilitator: Michéle Steinwald (Independent curator/producer)

Leading Question: Shapeshift uses relationships to indicate shifts in individual dynamics between dancers, what shifts did you see between the characters on stage and how can you relate to these scenarios?

Shapiro & Smith
Saturday, Mar. 26

Facilitator:  Joanie Smith (Artistic Director)

Leading Question: What is the largest and most powerful task you do with your hands?  What is the most detailed or delicate thing you do with your hands? 

Minnesota Dance Theatre
Friday, Apr. 1

Facilitator: Anne Bachem (MDT Managing Director)

Leading Question: Collaboration played an important part in the creation of ‘dark heart’. Why is collaboration important and how was it incorporated into this specific choreographic process?

AXIS Dance Company
Friday, Apr. 8

Facilitator: Trista Matascastillo (Program Officer for Veteran's Voices at the Minnesota Humanities Center)

Leading Questions: 
What do the connections and interactions between characters tell us about military service and our communities?
What does this piece help you understand about the human capacity to transform and be resilient?
How is this connected to experiences of military service and or amplified by its expression through movement?
What ideas and thoughts about military service have been challenged by the performance?

Zorongo Flamenco
Saturday, Apr. 16 

Facilitator: Susana di Palma (Artistic Director)

Leading Question: Lorca’s Women aims to showcase the women found in poet Federico Garcia Lorca works. How did you feel the choreography highlighted these feminine archetypes?

Zenon Dance Company
Saturday, May 14

Facilitator: Linda Z. Andrews (Artistic Director)

Leading Question: The works performed in tonight’s performance are very diverse and explore many facets of dance; including postmodern, classic modern and jazz dance. Which pieces do you think are the most challenging to create and to perform? 

BLM/Contempo Physical Dance

Saturday, June 18
Friday, June 24

Facilitators: Carl Flink (Artistic Director of Black Label Movement) & Marciano Silva dos Santos (Artisitic Director of Contempo Physical Dance)

Leading Question: Knowing that Merge was choreographed by two choreographers of diverse aesthetic backgrounds, did any movements or moments of the premiere stand out to you? What questions are raised for you about the collaborative choreographic process?