Monday Night Grant Circle

Co-hosted by Michèle Steinwald and Sam Johnson, with special guests, and you!

Part social gathering, part information share, part work session, Grant Circle is time and space to ask questions, get feedback, and work work work on those dance grants. Drop by with your grant started or not, or even if you are just starting to think about it! It's helpful to bring your laptop or the grant application you are working on.

Location: The Cowles Center - Target Education Studio on the second floor

FREE and everyone is welcome!

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Monday Night Grant Circle is taking a break from regular monthly meetings. Join the Facebook Monday Night Grant Circle group for current conversations on grant writing.

SPECIAL EVENT: Talk with Trevor Carlson hosted by the Monday Night Grant Circle
Monday Feb 13th
Target Education Studio
Trevor Carlson, the final Executive Director of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company will engage in a candid discussion surrounding the thoughts, challenges, successes, and failures that went into planning for the future of the organization that was created by and in support of its founding Artistic Director, Merce Cunningham - The Legacy Plan. He will give explanations as to why they planned to shutdown the Merce Cunningham Dance Company, the Cunningham Dance Foundation, and the Merce Cunningham School. He will share what Merce Cunningham’s participation was in the decision making process. He will detail the efforts made in order to preserve Merce Cunningham's legacy. He will also explain what consideration was made for all of the individuals (dancers, musicians, technicians, administrative staff, and the board of directors) involved leading up to and at the time of the planned closure. Lastly, he will describe the thoughts regarding the potential and actual impact on the field, the rollout of The Legacy Plan, explain how it was financed and share what it is like now, 5 years following the closure. Trevor Carlson serves as a Trustee on the Merce Cunningham Trust, the organization created by Cunningham which is responsible for the management and control of his intellectual property.

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