Monday Night Grant Circle is an informal skill-sharing meeting between dance makers, co-hosted by Michèle Steinwald and Sam Johnson (SuperGroup), with occasional special guests like Sheila Smith (MCA), Kathee Foran (MSAB), Lauren Slone (MAP Fund, New York), Sara Nash (National Dance Project, Boston), Shannon Forney and Greg Nielsen (MRAC), and staff from Springboard for the Arts, hosted by The Cowles Center.

Part social gathering, part information share, part work session, Grant Circle is time and space to ask questions, get feedback, and work work work on dance grants in a supportive environment. Issues concerning the current state of dance in the community rise organically through these peer-to-peer conversations and can be addressed in partnership with individual artists leading the charge.

Join the Facebook Monday Night Grant Circle group for current conversations on grant writing.


Grant Prospecting Resources: