The Cowles Center for Dance & The Performing Arts is excited to bring you our Meet the Artist: Audience Engagement Series. These discussions are the ideal opportunity to deepen your live performance experience by engaging with the artists, learning about their process and asking your questions. Meet the Artist: Audience Engagement Series discussions will take place in The Goodale Theater (unless otherwise noted) immediately following the performance and will last between 20 and 45 minutes.

The discussions will be facilitated either by one of the artists, the Artistic Director or an expert from the community and will begin with introductions to the artists and collaborators. The facilitator will then open the conversation with a leading question that gets to the heart of the research and material, reveals something about the artistic process, and serves as a jumping off point for an open dialogue with the audience.

Meet the Artist: Audience Engagement Series 2016/17 Schedule

Momentum: New Dance Works Festival - Friday, July 13 & 21

Previous 2016/17 Meet the Artist Discussions

Katha Dance Theatre - Sunday, September 18

  •    Facilitator: Derek Phillips (Company Member)
  •    Leading Question:  Why Sufiana and why now?

Solo: McKnight Dance Fellows - Saturday, September 24

  • Facilitator: Mary Ellen Childs (Program Director, McKnight Fellowships for Dancers and Choreographers)
  • Leading Question: SOLO is an evening of six new dances. How does the solo form differ from group work? And how did these 6 solos contrast and compliment one another?

Twin Cities Tap Festival - Friday, October 21

  • Facilitator: Kaleena Miller (Co-Director, Twin Cities Tap Festival)
  • Leading Questions:
  1. Improvisation is an integral part of tap dance.  How do you approach it?
  2. Where is tap dance today and where do you think or hope it will go?

Zenon Dance Company - Saturday, November 19

  • Facilitator: Linda Z. Andrews (Artistic Director)
  • Leading Question: What are the challenges for the dancers performing four separate choreographic styles and concepts in one evening?

Contempo Physical Dance - Friday, February 24

  • Facilitator: Marciano Silva dos Santos (Artistic Director) & Kasano Mwanza (Dancer)
  • Leading Question: What does Balacobaco mean to you?

St. Paul Ballet - Friday, March 3

  • Facilitator: Darwin Black (Choreographer)
  • Leading Question: How, as a dancer, do you prepare for a program with such diverse movement qualities from piece to piece?

Twin Cities Ballet - Friday, March 10

  • Facilitator: Rick Vogt (Associate Artistic Director)
  • Leading Question: What inspired Twin Cities Ballet to create a ballet based on Frankenstein?

Minnesota Dance Theatre -Friday, April 7

  • Facilitator: Judith Brin Ingber (Dance Expert)
  • Leading Question: Created during an exciting period of choreographic play in the 1960s-1970s, Glen Tetley’s Mythical Hunter’s and Christopher Bruce’s Moonshine remain relevant to this day. Why do these works continue to transcend through the decades?

Flying Foot Forum & Zorongo Flamenco Dance - Saturday, April 22

  • Facilitator: Susana di Palma (Zorongo Artistic Director) & Joe Chvala (FFF Artistic Director)
  • Leading Question: What do the two dance forms have in common and how do they differ from one another?

MixTape - Saturday May 20

  • Facilitator: Herbert Johnson III (Choreographer)
  • Leading Question:  MixTape is a collaboration of seven local artists who all examine "What is Hip Hop"? What different styles did you see represented in the show and how are these choreographers pushing this ever-evolving dance form?