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Written In Water
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"Written in Water unfolded like a dream - a feast for the eyes, ears and heart.  The work's power and the company's artistry created a lexicon of sound, vision and movement that allowed each audience member to project their own story onto the stage."

The Tallahassee Democrat 

Written in Water is Ranee and Aparna Ramaswamy's investigation of Paramapadam (the 2nd century Indian board game upon which ‘Snakes and Ladders’ is based), the 12th century Sufi text The Conference of the Birds, and the philosophical and spiritual underpinnings of both. The performance unfolds upon alternating projections of original artwork and a Paramapadam game board on the stage floor. On this metaphysical map, the seekers/dancers activate the space by negotiating snakes and ladders—which represent the heights of ecstasy and depths of longing—as they journey through the valleys (or states of being) central to The Conference of the Birds.

Written in Water features a commissioned score from Amir ElSaffar, known for his distinctive alchemy of contemporary jazz trumpet and Iraqi Maqam. This score is interwoven with original Carnatic (South Indian) compositions by India-based composer Prema Ramamurthy. The musical ensemble will feature second-generation American artists known for drawing on their training with great masters in India and the Middle East to forge new musical paradigms.

Attend Ragamala's annual gala evening on Saturday, January 28!

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Ragamala’s gala evening begins with drinks, dinner, and a silent auction in the Target Education Studio at the Cowles Center followed by premium seating at the 8pm performance of Written in Water. Guests are then invited to a post-show reception to meet and mingle with the performers.  

Note: Gala tickets include one premium ticket to the January 28 performance of Written in Water.  In order to ensure seats next to each other for the performance, please purchase gala tickets in a single order or contact admin@ragamaladance.org. 


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Jan 28
Sat @ 8:00pm
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