Momentum: New Dance Works 2017

Ticket Prices: 
General Admission - $20

“The Momentum Dance series has been an important platform for emerging dancers and choreographers in the Twin Cities for the past decade”--Star Tribune has described past Momentum performances as representing "the diversity and strength of Twin Cities dance" where a "sense of trained, intentional risk, this shared moment of vulnerability and confidence speaks loudly to the hours and energy that all the choreographers and dancers ... invested to get here."

Momentum is among the most popular platforms of emerging choreographic talent in the Twin Cities. Featuring two new works each evening, the series highlights an exciting next generation of dance creators.

2017's commissioned artists/collaboratives are:

Week 1: July 13 – 15, 2017

  • Fire Drill and Tom Comitta (Los Angeles)
    Bill: The Musikill 
    An experimental musical set in a dystopian, post-climate-disaster tech commune
    - Emily Gastineau and Billy Mullaney 
  • BLAQ
    Taneber/BLAQ Wall Street
    An observance combining dance, text, dialogue, and American Sign Language 
    - Deja Stowers 

Week 2: July 20 - 22, 2017

  • //CATHEDRAL\\ 
    A dance of descent, a symphony of escape
    - Dolo McComb

  • STRONGmovement
    A response to the question of where our next step in human evolution takes us 
    - Darrius Strong 

Performances take place at the Southern Theater, 1420 S. Washington Ave. in Minneapolis

The series is presented by the Cowles Center for Dance & the Performing Arts, in partnership with the Walker Art Center and the Southern Theater.

Momentum is made possible by generous support from the Jerome Foundation. 

Photos courtesy Walker Art Center, by Gene Pittman 


Jul 13
Thu @ 8:00pm
Jul 14
Fri @ 8:00pm
Jul 15
Sat @ 8:00pm
Jul 20
Thu @ 8:00pm
Jul 21
Fri @ 8:00pm
Jul 22
Sat @ 8:00pm