$22 - $25
Ticket Prices: 
Adults- $25
Students/Seniors - $20
Hip Hop is an ever-evolving form.
MIXTAPE is a collaboration of seven local artists whose differences in upbringing, generation, and relationship to “Hip Hop” have evoked important questions and dialogue around “What is Hip Hop?”. Through creating, sharing, and reclaiming space as a community belonging to different histories, we challenge the dominant narrative that has appropriated, commercialized, and corporatized “Hip Hop” culture.
About the Artists:
Twin Cities veteran practitioner of several forms of Hip Hop-based movement, J-Sun, examines and analyzes dance with a critical and intersectional lens.

As a 2016 National YoungArts Award recipient and the youngest to win a Minnesota Sage Award for dance; Al Taw'am is eighteen year old Muslim Identical twin sisters Iman and Khadijah  Siferllah-Griffin.

Magnolia Yang Sao Yia is an artist and activist whose passions include intersecting social justice and dance, nurturing and empowering youth and women of color, and investigating and exploring the contemporary and diasporic Hmong identity in America and Hmong dance.

Herb Johnson III is an artist whose work consist of a wide spectrum of Urban Styles with innovative ideas.

Ozzy Dris is an individual who has studied, applied, and as helped spread the dance styles of Breakin, Rocking, and House within the Minnesota dance community.
Darrius Strong realizes the power of movement and images. Using elements of many different movement styles he enjoys creating stories that can have a ripple effect and possibility to create change for the individual viewer and communities.