Buckets and Tap Shoes, Tap dancers and rock band

Buckets and Tap Shoes

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Goodale Theater
“… amazing, contagious energy and joy unconfined.” New York Observer

DREAMS is a brand new direction for Rick & Andy Ausland; the creators of Buckets and Tap Shoes. A multi-disciplinary series of 14 vignettes, each explores a different dream themes. Follow Rick and Andy through the dream portal to a world where rhythm comes to life in unusual and surreal ways.

The Auslands combed through over 15 years of dream journals, sketch pads and spiral notebooks filled with show ideas they always wanted to put into their “dream show”. Buckets and Tap Shoes teamed up with musical director Tony Braasch, and after over 100 hours of creative meetings they have created their most ambitious project to date.


Feb 22
Fri @ 8:00pm
Feb 23
Sat @ 8:00pm
Feb 24
Sun @ 7:00pm