Alarmel Valli

Alarmél Valli

A Weekend of Alarmél Valli
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Goodale Theater
Join us for a weekend of remarkable dance with acclaimed Bharatanatyam performer, Alarmél Valli. Documentary Film: 10/19, Live Performance: 10/20
Lasya Kavya- The World of Alarmél Valli

October 19th @ 7:30pm - Film

‘Lasya’, in Sanskrit, denotes dance that is graceful, beautiful and fluid. ‘Kavya’ signifies poetry and creativity. ‘Lasya Kavya’ is dance that is creative, graceful and beautiful; dance as visual poetry. In the context of a pronounced market-based popular culture and the growing alienation of people from the classical arts, Lasya Kavya is a film that shows the freshness, dynamism and contemporary quality of a classical form like Bharatanatyam. In the persona of Alarmèl Valli, one finds that amalgam of tradition fusing with modernity, to produce art of exhilarating beauty.

"The intention of the film is to illustrate that the symbolic and metaphorical world of dance is not far removed from life or rendered esoteric and remote. Rather, dance finds the beauty that is implicit and inherent in life all around us. It is a visceral, essential and truthful expression of our being. That is what makes Alarmel Valli’s dance so profound. In every gesture she makes, there is such a felt knowledge of its truth. There is not one moment of falsity in her performance, not a single flicker of something done by rote, or without feeling. When she dances, you are very sure about why she is dancing." —excerpts from an interview with Sankalp Meshram, the director of Lasya Kavya.

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Kavya Tarangini: An Evening of Bharatanatyam by Alarmel Valli

October 20th @ 7:30pm - Live Performance

“Now, as always, there are many gifted dancers in India, but Alarmél Valli is a paragon. Alarmél Valli is that rare thing – the solo performer who puts all others out of mind”  – The New York Times

The recipient of the world’s highest awards and honors, Padma Bhushan Alarmél Valli is acclaimed internationally for her ability to turn a traditional grammar into subtle and deeply internalized dance poetry. Her dance is uncompromisingly classical but is, at the same time, an undeniable language of self-expression. Considered the greatest living master of the form, she has redefined the boundaries between tradition and talent, inheritance and invention. The evening will be accompanied by a renowned orchestra from India.

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$36 for package of performance and film

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Oct 19
Fri @ 7:30pm
Oct 20
Sat @ 7:30pm

LASYA KAVYA - The Official Trailer